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The Smoother The Pavement The Longer the Life By as Much as 20%

Asphalt Paving and Striping

Make Caminiti Construction Inc your first choice for all your paving needs. From parking lots to driveways, we do it all. Our company employs high-quality machines for a professional job. We provide free estimates and complete consultations. Allow us to recommend or expert advice on what materials should be used and whether your driveway, parking lot, or other surface should be repaired, resurfaced, or removed and replaced.
Paving - Paving & Sealcoating
Patching and Asphalt Repairs: As water seeps into unsealed cracks, water expansion will form pot holes. We can fix this by patching the hole with asphalt, or saw-cutting the area and installing new sub-base and asphalt.
Resurface or Overlay: This is a cost effective solution. If there are settled areas or the start of alligatored areas its a good idea to get your pavement resurfaced.
Asphalt Removal and New Installation of Binder: As cracks and deterioration start to deepen, removing the pavement may be the best solution.
We provide both residential and commercial paving. Surfaces we pave include:
• Driveways
• Walking Tracks
• Parking Lots
• Basketball Courts
• Tennis Courts
In addition to paving, we also do striping and re-striping for parking lots. We make sure to comply with state and federal regulations, local occupancy codes, and ADA Handicap Approved Markings.
Contact us in Binghamton, New York, for more information about our parking lot paving and driveway sealcoating services.